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About Laura's List

Laura's List: Books for Women
Sowing Seeds of Hope- The Bridge that Connects Women
Join Laura in the journey to inspire, ignite and empower one million women using books as a forum for conversation and personal reflection- a sisterhood of women coming together to share their own true tales.

What is Laura’s List?
List of inspirational books specifically selected to “inspire and empower women.” Monthly, Laura’s List highlights reads about women that conquer obstacles, act as trailblazers in everyday life and reinforce that “happiness is within reach”. Readers share, Laura’s List: Books for Women nourish a woman’s spirit and facilitate inspirational discussion between friends & books club members.
Join the Sisterhood of women using books as conversation pieces to share their own true tales. Sign up for Laura’s List: Books for Women. Hear about Laura's List gatherings and the momentum that is building to inspire women across the country.

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