Trivia Night

Every Thrusday at 7pm, Creekside hosts our weekly Trivia Night.

Come to the Creekside for a fun evening of playing trivia! Bring a group with you or you can join one when you arrive! What are the only mammals that can fly? Who was the only president to never live in the White House? Know the answers? Want to know the answers? Bring your friends or come and make new ones -- there will be food, drinks, and plenty of opportunities to show what you know or learn something new. Questions run the gamut of general knowledge including entertainment, science, geography, sports, food, business, literature, animals, movies, etc., guaranteeing something for everyone! 

$1 per person to play. Teams can be 2-7 people. The winning team gets the pot!

Prizes for other teams have included $3 gift cirtificates and free books. Hope to see you there!

See the calendar for official times and dates, as well as other great events! 

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